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Yogamood's Stay Strong is a deliciously smooth and aromatic Chai tea. Originally used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, the positive effects of Chai tea are numerous – ginger strengthens the immune system and cinnamon aids digestion. Stay Strong's spicy warmth and digestive benefits make it perfect for kick-starting your mornings and savouring after mealtimes. As a delicious alternative, boil the Chai tea directly in a pot of water and strain before topping with whipped plant-based milk and sweetening with honey.

Take a break, breathe deeply. Take a sip, sit back and enjoy.

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Yogi Chai (Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom), black assam tea, liquoriceroot*, aroma, anise seeds. *Contains liquorice. People suffering from hypertension should avoid consuming in large quantities. Produced in Denmark for

How to brew:

Perfectly brew with soft water, 100° / 5-8 min / 10 gr. Perlitre.

Second brew:

As a rule, teas can be brewed at least twice. For example, you can use brew 2 for iced tea overnight in the fridge. Then you have a wonderful healthy cold brew, and an herbal tea that can be used as a thirst quencher or in your morning smoothie – enjoy.


Yogamoods Essential Teas comes in sustainable packaging. You can pop both outer packaging and sleeve in your paper recycling bin. The thin plastic bag is free from BPA and PVC but requirement to protect the high quality tea blends.

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