Mette Ernst

Yogamood founder Mette Ernst welcomes you to Yogamood, a yoga universe full of love, a passion for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and aromatherapy.

Professionalism, caring and a dedication are all adjectives that apply to Mette, who loves nothing more than to encourage a sense of curiosity among her students and to support healing experiences that enable them to overcome challenges and meet the world with renewed energy, a sense of balance and a holistic approach to life and life learning. Mette’s initial interest in yoga began back in 1990.

Behind her she has a two-year training as a Hatha yoga teacher, which has since been supplemented by innumerable yoga immersions in Denmark and abroad – not to mention yoga teaching in children’s yoga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, meditation & mindfulness.

She has also studied Vipassana meditation from Burmese monks in the East. Mette teaches with an open heart and welcomes diversity.


+45 3131 7496