The Yogamood philosophy

Mette teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Emphasis is placed on a thorough exploration of the whole body, with particular focus on the exposed areas such as the back, neck and shoulders. Breathing is also high on the agenda in order to promote connection between mind and body – also called balance.

It is precisely this balance that allows us to set boundaries so that we are attentive and thus able to live in greater harmony with ourselves. Classes always end with guided relaxation or meditation, both of which contribute to mental abundance.

Mindfulness, a daily call to intimacy and presence, also forms part of the classes so that participants can better focus and concentrate on the daily tasks that lie ahead. AUM aromatherapy is introduced into the classes in the form of discreet body mist or body scents. Yogamood is an accommodating universe in which you can create your own oasis and experience a greater sense of daily balance and joy, as well as greater self-knowledge and inclusiveness that benefits both you and your surroundings.

“Yoga is like music
The rhythm of the body
The melody of the mind
The harmony of the soul
Create the symphony of life”