Explore the philosophy behind Yogamood’s AUM aromatherapy oils

How it works

Used throughout the world for millennia, essential oils are renowned for their healing properties - helping to relax or uplift the mind, opening breathing passages, calming the nervous system, balancing hormones, stimulating emotions, strengthening the immune system and rejuvenating the skin -all in a natural way.

The power of the limbic system

Every essential oil hast its own unique set of properties and medicinal uses. Lavender, for example, has a calming effect, while citrus is uplifting. Essential oils scents positively affect our mood and emotions through stimulation or relaxation. As soon as the scent enters the nasal passage, it comes into contact with the limbic system, which transmits electrical impulses to our brain. It is here we find scent memories as well -an emotional response we all know well.

Your natural moodbooster

Yogamood’s aromatherapy Body Oils A-U-M have been lovingly developed to support the senses when you need to take a break from busy daily life.We offer three moodboosters - namely, ActivateUnify and Meditate. Together, these three oils form AUM, representing the three concepts of activity, unification and meditation. Interestingly, A-U-M forms the acronym ‘OM’, a mantra sound in meditation many will be familiar with.

100% pure essential oil

The ingredients comprise enriching almond oils, nutritious vitamin E and 100% pure essential oil. The essentials oils stimulate the body’s senses in different ways, helping to intensify the mood you seek. The oils can be used before yoga and meditation sessions, after taking a bath, as massaging oils, in hair treatment, whenever you feel the need to stimulate your senses or simply as a moodbooster.


The oil is a tonic for the nervous system, stimulating movement and activity. With its base note of Eucalyptus, Activate boosts the soul. Sweet Cajaput heats the muscles and eases joints, while the enticing lemony fragrance of Litsea Cubeba vitalises the skin. Activate Oil is perfect before Nadi Shodana(Alternate Nostril Breathing) or as activate body oil after your morning shower.

Ideal for movement and activity.


With Patchouli as its base note, Unify balances body and soul, soothing the skin with sandalwood and the woodsy, warm, balsamic scent of Cedarwood – with a hint of orange added to round off the sweetness. Use Unify before Savasana or as balancing body oil after your morning shower.

Ideal for grounding and balance


With Lavender and Rosewood as base notes, Meditate calms the senses and rejuvenates the skin with grape and the cleansing action of Cajeput. The deep, earthy, muskiness of Patchouli completes this oil to produce a calming effect. Use Meditate before meditation or as calming body oil after your morning shower.

Ideal for Meditative contemplation

The story behind

Yogamood’s founder, Mette Ernst is a practising yoga teacher in Copenhagen, Denmark and is fiercely passionate about her work. At Yogamood yoga classes, AUM oils are used to promote specific moods, either to activate and invigorate, balance or calm the body and soul. Committed to promoting health and making a difference, Yogamood offers products of the highest quality.